Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Inspiration

I want to take a minute to pay tribute to a hero of flossing. We can all learn a valuable (and manly) lesson from Robert Pattinson. I know, I know, you are all groaning and shouting, "The vampire dude from Twilight?!?!? You might as well flush my floss down the toilet!" But hear me out. He is a man. He consistently has facial hair (however splotchy). And he can reach a new generation of impressionable young preteen flossers.

Here's the fateful day in 2010 started like any other day for Mr. Pattinson. He woke up, got out of bed, admired his peach fuzz in the mirror, and reached for his trusty floss (he's an everyday day morning flosser I have been told). Now you must know that he had done his bicep reps the day before, so his arms were still tingling. He cruised his way through the top central and lateral teeth. He picked out a nice piece of steak from between his upper right lateral and his upper right cuspid. Feeling confident, he moved onto the space between the cuspid and bicuspid. Feeling the weights from the day before, he powerfully stroked the next floss. He felt a crack as his upper right cuspid chipped and fell into the sink!

Mr. Pattinson teaches all us men that clean teeth feel good and getting clean teeth can be done forcefully. He is a manly example to live by. Keep flossing.

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